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Skype Tips PDF Reader Lesson Guides

  1. When you are conducting a lesson, particularly when sharing your screen, please have the student maximize their window. The command to maximize their window is ALT+Enter. To go back to the previous screen simply press Esc.
  2. Exit screen sharing when the connection gets choppy.

Please download the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. The worksheets found on this site have Japanese and Korean Characters, so I advise you to download Adobe Reader Japanese and Korean Fonts Packs before your scheduled training or lessons. 
Below are the links where you can download these font packs;
Newest Acrobat Reader, Korean Font Packs, Japanese Font Packs

These explain how to teach using the corresponding materials. Please download these and keep them close at hand until you have learned them.

1.Kids Alphabet/Phonics Worksheet

2.Explaination for Abbreviations for Eiken Dual Method, Chobundokkai, and Worksheet

3.Instructions for utilizing "support_etoc" ("monitoring")

4 Useful Phrases for Teachers